About Us

Every person deserves to have a bit of fabulousness in their lives, whether they’re buying something special for themselves or giving a gift to their loved one. CaratGlow is a diamond jewellery brand that is obsessed with accessible beauty. With more than 15 years of passion for high-quality cut diamonds in all sizes and shapes, CaratGlow has developed a strong reputation for an unrivalled collection of beautiful diamond jewellery.

CaratGlow provides a touch of luxury that elevates your everyday look and leaves you feeling extraordinary. With a wide range of high-quality jewellery, CaratGlow offers an attractive and upmarket assortment of jewellery for every taste. By rigorously crafting jewellery in a sustainable way we aim to offer you fine jewellery crafted with meticulous care from the purest of metals and skillfully set with precious diamonds.

At CaratGlow, We speacialize in customized creations for every price, range, and style on specific requirements of customers. You can choose from our wide range of beautiful designs to create your individual design, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. Our personalized jewellery beautifully epitomizes profound intangible emotions in the tangible manner.

We have a diverse collection of fascinating diamond rings, charming diamond necklaces, trendy diamond bracelets, extravagant earrings and on-trend collection of elegant diamond jewellery. Each piece from CaratGlow is beautifully crafted and exquisitely adorned to lift up your outfit and give you that fascinating look. We offer unique pieces that are refined and bring everyone upmost satisfaction. All our creations are bespoke and carefully handcrafted with love.