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  • Mangalsutra is believed to be the most auspicious ornament in Indian culture. Let us understand what “Mangalsutra” means- “Mangal” means auspicious & “Sutra” means thread that unites the soul. The groom ties the auspicious thread around the bride's neck on the day of the marriage as the significance that their relationship would be as fortunate as the thread.

    There are some other advantages of wearing a traditional Mangalsutra. It helps in relaxing the body, the black beads in the mangalsutra are believed to absorb the negative energy in the surrounding environment before it reaches the wearer. It helps in improving the immune system of the body & regularization of the blood flow. It also helps to keep the wearer fresh and energetic. Now the designs of mangalsutra have evolved under a complete 360° change & emerged as a modern style statement.

    Mangalsutra online

    Popular known as Tanmania, Mangalsutra is the symbol of the pious wedding bond. It is the pious bondage of unconditional love & permanent commitment. CaratGlow’s Tanmania collection is inspired by purity, eternity & the beauty of sacred love. Check out our diamond Tanmaniya collection to buy Mangalsutra online.

    Diamond mangalsutra online

    Diamond Manglsutra is a renowned ornament worn by married Indian women for the welfare of the husband & to keep evil energies at bay. There has been continual evolution in the designs of Diamond Mangalsutra from typical traditional or old fashioned to contemporary or fusion styles. Explore our latest diamond mangalsutra designs & buy diamond mangal sutra online at unbelievable prices.

    Latest Tanmania designs

    The diamond tanmaniya (mangalsutra) has many avatars due to the diverse culture & traditions in India. But every design is unique and has its charm and elegance reflecting the flavor of the roots of Indian culture. Browse our latest diamond tanmania designs and select your favorite one.

    Latest diamond Mangalsutra designs

    CaratGlow’s diamond mangalsutra is designed thoughtfully to express marital bliss in the most beautiful manner. We regularly add the latest diamond mangalsutra designs to our collection so that you can make the best choice for the most awaited event of the bride’s life.

    Diamond Tanmaniya

    At CaratGlow, we craft diamond tanmaniya that symbolizes love in the most unique and heartfelt way. We provide certified diamond jewellery and work rigorously to make sure that there is no compromise in quality. Buy diamond tanmaniya online from our exquisite diamond mangalsutra collection at affordable prices.

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